Kale & Coconuts prices are always listed a la carte and listed on each week’s menu.

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Delivery is $5.99 per delivery day

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Delivery Bags

While we don’t require a deposit, any unreturned bags/ice packs will result in a $20 fee

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While we try to keep our prices as competitive as possible, please keep in mind when ordering from Kale & Coconuts that we use the highest quality ingredients we can source, because that is important to us and our customers. Quality ingredients come at a price and our food has to be priced accordingly.

Kale & Coconuts is transparent with our a la carte prices.  Whereas often times the the cost of individual menu items is disguised with pre-paid plans, you are able to order exactly what you want in whatever quantities you please.  Having slightly higher a la carte prices allow us to continue to offer this option and service to our clients.


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